Theoretical Approach & Areas of Special Interest

I believe that therapy is a safe place for individuals to be heard and explore their own strengths in working towards positive changes in their lives. Everyone comes to therapy with their own unique perspectives, beliefs, and coping abilities which when combined with current research, allows me to draw upon approaches that best match each client's needs and goals for therapy.

I firmly believe that a natural and relaxed environment that I can provide at Country Counselling Services, enables my clients in overcoming barriers they may feel in regards to intimidation about the counselling process. While a majority of my practice is traditional office therapy in a relaxed country setting, some of my work includes equine partners for the duration of treatment, or as an adjunct experiential treatment opportunity for my own clients. I do also accept referrals from physicians or other therapists for their clients, to assist them through "stuck points" which happen often in the therapy office, and for Integrative Medicine for Mental Health consults and biofeedback treatment as this is a specialty practice area which I offer.

I frequently utilize mindfulness, somatic trauma therapy, biofeedback strategies, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, equine assisted interventions, hypnosis,  and solution-focused therapy as preferred treatment modalities. I also have a passion for understanding mental health from a "whole person" perspective with mind and body as one and not separate. As a Certified Integrative Medicine Provider for Mental Health, my treatment plans will frequently include assessment and recommendations of nutrition, supplements, referrals to complimentary providers, and other integrative medicine treatments that are evidence-based in contributing to mental wellness. These protocols are specific to your situation and can be booked during your treatment if that is of interest to you. Also, as a Certified HeartMath Biofeedback Practitioner, I am able to administer non-invasive biofeedback treatments into your treatment plan as an adjunct service.

When I not working out of my home facility with clients, you can find me providing mental health services for First Responder (Ambulance/Fire) organizations, and for Indigenous communities and private businesses that require psychological support for staff members, across Alberta.  I have also participated in Crisis Response for mental health which has taken me from Alberta to Eastern Canada. In addition, I can be found speaking at conferences, providing training, and consulting on program planning for organizations throughout Alberta. Another one of my passions is utilizing psychological practices to enhance equestrian training and competition not only in my own arena with my own horses, but in arena's throughout Alberta. Additionally, I provide pain management therapy using psychological practices and biofeedback in my private practice, and off site in a holistic pain assessment and management clinic.

I have a strong passion for continuing education and seek specialty training/post-masters training in a variety of areas to continually increase my skill set and increase benefits for my clients. I am currently enrolled full-time in a Doctor of Psychology program and am excited to contribute doctoral level psychology training to my current and future clients.

Professional Registrations & Areas of Practice

Registered Clinical Counsellor (13594) BC

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (2555) CAN

Counselling Therapist (1203) AB

Areas of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Trauma/PTSD & First Responder Treatment,  Relationship/Couples, Grief, Stress, Workplace issues, Life Transitions, Self-Esteem, Pain Assessment & Management, Crisis Response, Equine Assisted Therapy, Indigenous Health and Wellness, Finding meaning in life/personal growth, Insomnia, Psychological therapy for Equestrians, Testing & Assessment Services, Hypnosis, Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Biofeedback.


Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)- STUDENT


Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology


Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations


Certificate in Information Access & the Protection of Privacy


Certificate in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy



Association of Counselling Therapists of Alberta

 Counselling Therapist 


British Columbia

BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors

Registered Clinical Counsellor




Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor


ACCT Website badge.png

Certificate in Hypnosis Treatment for Trauma & PTSD


Certificate in Nutritional & Integrative Medicine for Mental Health



Certificate in Nurse Practitioner Post-graduate Training: MH Prevention, Promotion & Diagnosis


Certificate in Nurse Practitioner Post-graduate Training: Advanced Concepts- Medications, Therapies, & Special Populations


HeartMath Training & Certification for Health Professionals 


HM-HCM- Practitioner-V3.png

Psychopharmacology Intensive Course- Dr. Buffington, PhD, M.S.


Post-Masters Continuing Education
  1. Grief & Loss

  2. Trauma & PTSD

  3. Psychological Testing & Assessment

  4. Mindfulness in Therapeutic Practice

  5. Managing Chronic Pain

  6. Supporting the Suicide Bereaved

  7. Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder

  8. Suicide Risk/Self Harm

  9. CBT with GAD

  10. Web & Telephone Counselling

  11. Relationship Breakdown

  12. Supporting Clients through Life Transitions

  13. Gestalt Therapy

  14. Positive Psychology

  15. Depression

  16. Anxiety Disorders

  17. General Addiction

  18. Alcohol Addiction

  19. Wellbriety Medicine Wheel & 12 Step Program for Indigenous Men & Women

  20. Somatic Experiencing 

  21. Solution Focused Therapy

  22. Couples Counselling Models & Interventions 

  23. Treating Depression in Older Adults

  24. Eating Disorders

  25. Health Psychology/Behavioural Medicine

  26. Personality Disorders

  27. Gottman Couples Counselling (6 week program)

  28. Somatic Trauma Therapy (Dr. P. Levine)

  29. The Therapeutic Use of Medicinal Cannabis

  30. DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis

  31. Certificate in Nurse Practitioner Post Graduate Training in Mental Health Prevention, Promotion and Diagnosis

  32. Certificate in Hypnosis for Trauma & PTSD (Drs Kershaw & Wade)

  33. Certificate in Nutritional & Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (Dr. L. Korn)

  34. Certificate in Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Training in MH Advanced Concepts: Medications, Therapies, & Special Populations.

  35. HeartMath Interventions for Health Practitioners Certification Program