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Erinn has focused much of her doctoral education on specializing in psychological testing & assessment as she is committed to providing the highest level of evidence-based and ethical care. Doctoral-level study in psychology is some of the highest standards of training and credentials in the practice of psychology.

Please refer to the assessments menu below. You will also find associated pricing and details of testing, followed by frequently asked questions and booking information.

Young Adult

ADHD Assessment

For Children, Youth, & Adults

$1050 (brief)
$1750 (standard)
$ 2500 (comprehensive)


Brief Assessment: A screening assessment that can be helpful for diagnostic clarification. Does not include a report on cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Approx 2 hrs testing & 2 hrs report writing.

Standard Assessment: Provides a more complete assessment of attention and cognition that is helpful for diagnostic clarification, strengths/weaknesses, & strategies. Approx 2-4 hrs testing & 2-4 hrs report writing.

Comprehensive Assessment: The gold standard for assessment for ADHD which includes detailed assessment with additional instruments to further determine cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and diagnostic classification including strategies. Approx 4-6 hrs testing & 4-6 hrs report writing.

*All of the above packages include a letter to your University Accommodations Department, if needed.

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Young kids

Psychoeducational Assessments

For Children, Youth, & Adults


Psychoeducational evaluation is most helpful to determine academic or intellectual issues, delay, or learning disorder so that you can explore further funding or support.

In psychoeducational testing, your testing includes a series of tests that evaluate:

  • language skills

  • concentration & attention

  • visual & verbal reasoning

  • memory assessment

  • spelling

  • writing

  • impulsive response style

  • mathematics

  • oral expressive skills

  • reading

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Taking a Test

Autism Assessment

For Children,Youth, & Adults

$2500 (ASD Assmt)
$3000 (ASD + ADHD Assmt)

This comprehensive assessment is useful to gain diagnostic clarification around ASD. Additionally, this assessment provides an assessment of IQ with associated recommendations. This evaluation typically requires 4-6 hours of testing and 4-6 hours of report writing.

If you choose, ASD and ADHD can both be assessed in a package to reduce associated individual testing costs. Combined ASD and ADHD testing requires 5-7 hrs of testing and 5-7 hrs of report writing, including strengths and weaknesses as well as strategies.

Student Paper Writing
Home schooling

Learning Disorder Assessment

For Child, Youth, & Adults

$1800 (standard)
$2500 (comprehensive)

Standard Assessment: Useful to gain insight on if a learning disorder is present. Cognitive testing provides an IQ score plus a screen of academic abilities. Approx 2-4 hrs of assessment and 2-4 hrs of report writing.

Comprehensive Assessment: A more comprehensive assessment of learning disorders and cognitive strengths and weakness. Helpful in diagnostic clarification and to determine what types of academic supports might be useful.

Boys at School
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IQ Assessment

For Children, Youth, Adults


Determines level of intellectual functioning and determines whether an individual meets the DSM-5 criteria for a diagnosis of intellectual disability. Approx 2-4 hrs of testing & 2-4 hrs of report writing.

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Neurocognitive Assessment

For Adults

$1800 (standard)
$2800 (comprehensive)

Standard Assessment: Helpful as a screening instrument of cognitive functioning to assist with differential diagnosis. Approx 2-4 hrs of testing & 2-4 hrs of report writing.

Comprehensive Assessment: Diagnostic clarification for suspected dementia and helps to provide support recommendations. Approx 4-6 hrs of testing & 4-6 hrs of report writing.

Children's Race

Gifted Assessments

For Children


Many children may qualify for gifted educational programs where they may benefit from specialized programming that can enhance their emotional, academic and social needs.

Parents and educators can make informed educational decisions for their children and obtain in-school supports so children can reach their full potential.

School Children
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Mental Health Assessment
(behaviour. social, emotional, personality)

For Children, Youth, & Adults

Prices vary based in referral question to be answered and assessments to be utilized



Assessments for mental health are helpful in diagnosing mental health disorders, including personality disorders. This can also help you and your therapist to move forward with therapy and your goals for treatment.

Assessments assist to describe your symptoms objectively.

Girl in Therapy

Career, Employment, OccupationalInterests Assessment

For Teens and Adults


Formal assessment can help you to determine personal strengths and aptitude towards particular career paths. They can also be helpful in helping a highschool student to decide on post-secondary educational path, or an adult who is wanting to transition to a different career path that better meets their interests/needs.

A career assessment: can explore your aptitude, work patterns and style, and identify career choices that are suitable to your interests and aptitude.

Assessment will encompass:

Career Interest Profiler assessment

Myers-Briggs Type Personality assessment

Strong Interest Inventory

Approx 2-4 hrs of testing & 2-4 hrs of report writing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do assessments cost what they do?
Psychological assessment encompasses many elements and require several years of education and training to be done competently. Assessment involves clinical interviews, the selection of testing instruments (which have varying cost to your clinician), admininstering and reviewing information from teachers, parents, physicians, and other providers, review of results and integration into diagnoses, strenghts, weaknesses, and recommended treatment and support, as well as report writing that involve time, skill, and care. All of these factors are included in the costs associated with testing and assessment. This is a specialty field of psychology and most comprehensively covered in doctoral-level education and supervision.

What are your policies around paying for my assessment?
Upon booking, 50% of the cost of your assessment is required and can be paid via etransfer, cash, or major credit card. Upon booking your results appointment, you will be required to pay the remaining 50% prior to the start of the appointment. You will leave your results appointment with a copy of your report and a receipt for services rendered.

Can my assessment be claimed under my benefits plan?
Typically, yes, however all insurance plans are different in what providers and services they cover. Typically counselling is covered, but you will want to check if psychological assessment is covered, and is it covered by your clinician (Registered Clinical Counsellor). We are not responsible for an assessment not covered by your insurance company, and thus we recommend you contact them to confirm coverage prior to booking. Alternatively, you may be able to claim services under a health spending account, or collect receipts for health services that may be claimed under health care expenses for tax purposes. Please consult with your accountant on same. Adults may be covered for psychoeducational assessment through government programs and post secondary students accessing student loan funding may be able to apply for reimbursement for a portion of their costs through the Canada Student Loans program. For Indigenous clients, Jordan's Principle may be able to provide reimbursement for assessments for those under the age of 18. Additionally, if you are being assessed for PDD/AISH funding, speak to your caseworker to see if they are able to cover associated fees.

Cancellation Fees
An assessment appointment requires Erinnn to book a significant amount of time in her schedule specifically for you. When you book an assessment, Erinn begins work on reviewing the referral reasons, preparing assessment materials, and dedicating a large amount of time in her schedule for in-person testing and report writing.
When you book your appointment for testing, 50% of the total fee for testing is due (assessment component cost).
If you provide less than 48 hours notice, this deposit fee will be non-refundable in order to compensate Erinn for the time she has spent preparing materials and your file for testing procedures.
If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice, Erinn will retain 1/4 of your deposit to cover her time in file review and preparation.
If you do not show for your appointment, the 50% deposit will be retained fully to compensate for time and materials. Should you decide to rebook an assessment, you will be required to begin again with providing a 50% deposit, as the past deposit was retained to compensate Erinn for your previous no-show appointment.


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