Due to COVID-19 and the risk of community transmission, our office is actively seeking ways to support your mental health needs via distance.

Please inquire as to the availability of in-person appointments, as this may change as the cases in Central Zone rise and fall.

Telephone and video appointments continue to remain an option for clients.

Methods of Payment

  • Payment is due at each session

  • Accepted methods are exact cash, cheque made payable to Erinn Bailey-Sawatzky, or e-transfer to sawatzkyeb@gmail.com. Major Credit Cards are also accepted, with a 2.65% surcharge + $0.35 per transaction (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).

  • Seminars, Group Therapy, Clinics, or Equestrian Mindfulness video coaching packages are due upon booking

  • Gift Certificates are available!

Fee Coverage

  • All or partial fees may be recovered through private health insurance plans

  • Fees may also be tax deductible under medical expenses on your income tax

  • Direct Billing to some private organizations if an agreement for reimbursement of services is in place.

  • As all insurance plans are different, please consult with your insurance provider to see if Masters prepared Registered Clinical Counsellors, Registered Counselling Therapists, or Registered Therapeutic Counsellors are covered under your plan. If they are not, you may wish to contact your employer/HR department to have the insurance company add Registered Clinical Counsellors/Counselling Therapists to your plan so that coverage can be obtained in future. If coverage under your benefits plan is important, please contact your insurance company prior to booking.

  • After each session, a receipt will be provided with Clinician information so that you may submit to your accepting insurance provider for reimbursement according to your plan limits.

Billable Time

  • Billable time is considered any time the therapist spends with clients in session (in-person, phone, video), working on the client's file (follow-ups, reports, connecting to other agencies or persons on client's request), or responding to clients via phone or email in regards to client's therapeutic content. To minimize your charges, you are encouraged to share your information at the time of your sessions. Contact made in any form to address appointments and scheduling is NOT considered billable time.

Cancellation or No Show Appointments

  • When an appointment is booked, I have made a time commitment to you, and have reserved that date and time for you alone.  Information is prepared in advance and organized for your booked appointment.

  • To Cancel: at least 48 hours notice is required. Call/Text/Message 780.678.9796. Failure to cancel 48 hours in advance OR failure to Attend will incur a full fee charge.


  • Appointments are typically 50 minutes in length. Should you need longer appointment times, please indicate this request upon booking.

  • The time scheduled for your appointment is assigned to you and you alone. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please see above for further information.

Non-Therapeutic Contact

  • You may contact me at any time via email (sawatzkyeb@gmail.com) or by phone 780.678.9796, if you have specific questions or concerns of a non-therapeutic nature (e.g. appointments, administrative issues, fee payment, etc). I will make every reasonable effort to respond to your message within 24 hours. I cannot guarantee that I will be available at all times to respond to urgent messages. If you are currently in crisis, please contact your nearest emergency department or call 911.

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