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Erinn and co-facilitator Jeannette offer Equine Assisted opportunities to address a number of issues for groups. Currently, Heal the Healers involves an afternoon of equine assisted activities targeted at health and helping professionals who typically give so much of themselves to help others, often at their own expense. This afternoon is tailored with their needs in mind!

Erinn and Jeannette can completely customize a program for your team as they frequently host corporate functions as well aimed at team building, communication, and emotional intelligence. This experiential experience is far different from typical corporate learning opportunities and provides better chances of incorporation of positive elements back into the office!

If you are an individual inquiring on a specific group opportunity (couples work, grief/bereavement work, etc) please inquire as additional groups are in development and we may have one that fits your needs!


heal the healers program

This Group Equine-Facilitated Program is targeted at health and wellness organizations who are looking for a team building and healing experience for their employees.

We have successfully worked with First Responders (Paramedics, Fire, Police) and Women's Shelter employees to provide an afternoon of self-exploration and healing through horses.

Three Horses

couples enrichment series

Are you interested in Couples Counselling, offered in a little bit different way?

Why not try our Equine-Assisted Group for Couples?

Don't worry- there is NO riding involved!

Meet The Team


Erinn, CT

Erinn is the Principal Therapist for all Animal-Assisted Interventions at CCS. Erinn has over 30 years of experience training and competing on horses, as well as her Masters in Counselling Psychology, triple counselling registrations, and is a current Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Student.

Jeanette- Equine Therapy Facilitator

Jeannette, Co-Facilitator

Jeannette has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and over 35 years of Nursing Experience in a variety of settings including mental health, ER, Acute Care and Senior Admin roles. Jeannette became interested in co-facilitation of Equine Therapy after having experienced the power of change through horses, first hand.


The Horses

Country Counselling Services was born from River Valley Sporthorses, which allows access to Erinn's horses through her farm. Not all horses are suitable for this work. Please inquire if Erinn has the right equine partners available to offer equine assisted individual or group appointments.

Girl with Horse


heal the healers program

I remembered what it felt like to be relaxed, and I will focus on being in that state more

heal the healers program

I felt more aware of how I feel when I'm stressed and better equipped to regulate my emotions

heal the healers program

You guys are AMAZING! Loved all the new techniques and can't wait to use them not only for self healing, but for anyone I'm helping in my profession

Girl with Horse


heal the healers

The horses were amazing; loved working with them

heal the healers

Thank-you for sharing your expertise, and for the safe, beautiful setting for self-exploration

heal the healers

Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you for letting me be part of this group, for the amazing day and for the wonderful information and great horses.

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