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Registered Nursing & Nurse Practitioner Services


Paige, RN

Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse

Paige is a Registered Nurse with a Baccalaureate in Nursing and over 18 years of nursing experience. Paige is also an RNFA (Registered Nurse First Assist) and Certified HeartMath Biofeedback Practitioner.


While Paige's nursing experience is primarily in acute and surgical care, Paige has a passion for rural nursing as it relates to assisting patients in preventative care, such as with Biofeedback Services at Country Counselling! 


Paige takes referrals for biofeedback from the Therapists at Country Counselling Services, through Physician/NP referral, or simply refer yourself for an appointment!


Paige can apply Biofeedback to assist you with a variety of concerns: * Chronic Illness, Insomnia, Acute/Chronic/or Recurrent Pain, Hypertension, Learning/Performance Issues* Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, Emotional Dysregulation, Somatization/Somatoform disorder, Conversion Disorder, Habit Disorders

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Hope, NP


Hope is a Registered Nurse & Nurse Practitioner Family All Ages

Areas of Practice: Hormone Health at & Mental Health Consults for clients of CCS

Hope is a Nurse Practitioner that has a passion for health and wellness.  She believes that health care should be individualized to suit the patients lifestyle, personal preferences, goals, and needs.  As a Nurse Practitioner, Hope has received specialized training to assess, order diagnostic testing, diagnose, prescribe medications, and manage a multitude of medical conditions allowing her to offer medical management with the care, time, and attention of a nurse.

Medical services offered by Hope are privatized, meaning that the patient pays out of pocket for the quality and convenience of this service. 

Services provided during the consultation can address illness, injury, infection, mental health needs, prescription refills, and basic medical care. Hope consults with clients of Country Counselling Services on an as-needed basis. Please let your CCS Therapist know if you would like a referral to Hope.

Hope also has advanced knowledge of and experience with diet, exercise and supplementation.

Mental Health Consult Referrals

Hope accepts mental health consult referrals for medication assessment via referral from CCS providers.

Hormone Health Appointments

For these types of appointments, please visit and fill out the contact form.

*Please note that these services are not covered under Alberta Health, so their will be out-of-pocket fees associated with NP appointments*

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