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$180/ 50 minutes


Every relationship can go through struggles at times! Couples counselling is a way to work through current issues to regain a happy and healthy way forward.

$180/ 50 minutes


Specifically selected activities with the horses allow for metaphorical learning as well as new insights and awareness that allow for the processing of feelings, behaviours and patterns in an environment completely different than the traditional office therapy.

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Many people struggle with acute or chronic pain. Medication, surgery, or injections are not always enough, and sometimes are not even an option. Psychological therapies have high impact in regards to managing pain (chronic or acute) and should always be considered as part of a comprehensive pain management treatment plan. Thorough pain assessments will be conducted at your appointment, and psychological therapies selected with your pain reduction goals in mind. In addition, nutritional and integrative medicine techniques for pain relief will be reviewed. This information can also be shared with your family physician for collaboration purposes, as well as referrals and recommendations for additional/adjunct treatment options.


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"Couples Enrichment Series" 

Currently unavailable as we source new equine partners

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Assessments are helpful as part of the therapeutic process as mental health screening tools, to explore your unique personality in detail to learn more about yourself, to further explore substance abuse severity, to learn more about family dynamics/strengths/needs, to verbalize marital satisfaction when it is challenging to put your feelings into words, to discover root problems in relationships, etc.

Consultative Services: Erinn has over 14 years of  business management experience in the area of health care, industrial & correctional facilities with private and publically funded organizations. Erinn consults on a regular basis with organizations looking to enhance their MH services, and also contracts to public and privately funded companies for psychological services across Canada.

Integrative Medicine Consults & Referrals are appointments that cover non pharmacologic interventions that are backed by evidence, which can support you further towards your mental health goals. 

Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that involves understanding how to gain control over biological functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, pain perception etc by using non-invasive devices that measure internal body systems to reinforce psychological strategies that assist the body in reaching optimum states of wellness.

Clinics: Erinn is available for equestrians to teach Mindfulness clinics in Alberta to equestrians who desire increased concentration, focus on the present moment, relaxation and flow when training and competing. Erinn also has video review packages for long distance equestrians wanting mindfulness coaching via email.


As a Certified Integrative Medicine Provider for Mental Health, these appointments involve a comprehensive review of the "whole person" in regards to what you can be doing more naturally to increase mental wellness.

Intake includes a comprehensive review of current physical and mental health history, current medications, nutrition, use of over the counter medication or herbal vitamins, supplements and minerals, with your goals of wellness in mind. Given your current mental health challenges (e.g. trauma, anxiety, depression, etc) a plan will be suggested in regards to foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals that could be added into your routine to assist in your goals by evidence-based protocols. Referrals may also be necessary, as well as may include recommendations for particular diagnostic services which may also include consultation with your family physician, pharmacist, or other complimentary team members. If you are already working with me for treatment and you are interested in this service, these appointments will be booked throughout your treatment plan, with follow up appointments for same.  

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