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Mindfulness for Equestrians- Clinic

Want to learn more about Mindfulness practice for Equestrians?

Erinn offers weekend bookings for Equestrians interested in applying the psychological practice of Mindfulness to their everyday riding or competition goals. 

In a weekend clinic, Erinn will assist you in understanding the practice of Mindfulness tailored directly to the equestrian experience with the use of unmounted and mounted exercises and coaching.

Results? We become better trainers, we become better riders, we are more intuitive and focused students and competitors, and we do not miss the non-verbal signs that we ourselves, or our horses, are communicating which typically get in the way of the ideal ride and the experience of Flow. 

Trainers will also benefit from the incorporation of Mindfulness practice into their lesson programs with students, so this clinic is beneficial to all riders at all levels of horsemanship.

Learn about the many benefits of present moment awareness. Become an intuitive rider to increase your success at home and in competition.

For more information or to book a clinic at your arena, please contact


Mindfulness for Equestrians- Video Feedback

Can't get to one of Erinn's clinics in Alberta, or prefer not to trailer to one? Or are you looking for private individual feedback on your ride from a psychological standpoint and how to incorporate Mindfulness work into your training?

Video your ride (up to 20 minutes) and make notes regarding your ride, and send to Erinn for the psychological application of Mindfulness coaching to your equine activities and receive feedback via email. It couldn't be easier!

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