Associate Therapist

Karlana Noel

We are pleased to announce that Karlana will be staying on after her practicum finishes in August!  We are cheering you on to the finish line Karlana!


Biofeedback RN

Paige Bailey

We are so happy to see Paige at CCS offering biofeedback to clients for mental and/or physical health concerns. Paige has Thursday evening availability.

Farm Field

Incoming Students

Radelle & Zoe

Starting September 6, 2021 Erinn is excited to supervise new Masters-level practicum students at CCS. We look forward to the wonderful contributions they will make to the practice.


Meet Nayla

Chief Therapy Dog

Nayla is a staple at CCS and enjoyed by so many. She is a Jack Russell that is always on the go at the farm, unless clinic is happening- then her focus turns to calm attention for you. Meet Nayla at your next visit at our office.


Welcome Pip!

Chief Therapy Mini; Welcomer

We welcomed Pipsqueak to our practice mid July 2021. He came from a loving family who was sad to see him leave but excited for his important job at CCS.

Pip will be in the office providing entertainment for you in the waiting room, while you wait for your appointment.


A Private Tour of our Office with Erinn

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