Visiting Practitioners to Country Counselling Services for current and past clients of CCS only
Hope Rabel, Nurse Practitioner

Hope is a Nurse Practitioner that has a passion for health and wellness.  She believes that health care should be individualized to suit the patients lifestyle, personal preferences, goals, and needs.  As a Nurse Practitioner, Hope has received specialized training to assess, order diagnostic testing, diagnose, prescribe medications, and manage a multitude of medical conditions allowing her to offer medical management with the care, time, and attention of a nurse.

Medical services offered by Hope are privatized, meaning that the patient pays out of pocket for the quality and convenience of this service. 

Services provided during the consultation can address illness, injury, infection, mental health needs, prescription refills, and basic medical care. 

Hope also has advanced knowledge of regarding and experience with diet, exercise and supplementation.

Services offered:

30 minute consultation: $60.00

60 minute consultation: $120.00


Hope is a visiting practitioner to Country Counselling Services.


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