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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Couples Counselling

Young Couple

Couples enter counselling for a number of different reasons.
It can be to repair or change communication challenges, to address issues of disconnection or infidelity, to work through challenging situations with the support of a counsellor, as a preventative step to discuss some challenges early on in the relationship prior to getting married, blended family issues and many other reasons.
Couples counselling looks for strengths in the relationship to capitalize on them, and repair weaknesses or challenges in a fair and systematic way.
Some people book couples counselling simply to learn about ways to enrich the relationship they have! Curious about your partners personality type compared to yours and how you can best work together? This is also possible as part of your treatment.

Whatever your reason may be, don't hesitate to book a first appointment for assessment and intake to discuss your goals for couples counselling and to learn about how you can be supported in those goals!

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