As a client, seeing a practicum student will allow you to see a qualified professional in training, at a reduced rate. Should this be determined by Erinn & yourself to be a good fit, please know that Erinn will be consulting with the student for the duration of your treatment.

Practicum Student Counselling Session Rates: $125/50 mins

Practicum student's have completed all of the coursework requirements for their graduate-level degree, and have supervised hands-on practice as the last requirement before graduation, so you can feel confident in the level of training they bring to your sessions. Erinn will supervise sessions in multiple ways including in person or in consultation with the student after/before your session.

Please note * Due to the complexity of some reasons for counselling, not all clients will be a good fit for a student therapist*



Radelle Jensen

Practicum Student Sept 6, 2021- April 17, 2022

I believe that reaching out for support is incredibly brave and I work to build a trusting therapeutic relationship with my clients. 


I view my role as someone holding a large bowl steady that you can place all of your pain into. As you share, you will be met with empathy, acceptance and compassion. I hold space for you and guide you while you discover your strengths, new ways to cope and effective solutions. 


I believe we are all deserving of a life that we can look forward to and I love to help individuals find the thoughts that are causing them emotional pain and consider new helpful cognitions and ways to look at situations and recognize truths that are helpful and healing.


I have a special interest in helping teens, working with individuals experiencing anxiety & overthinking and moms who feel overwhelmed with life.


I finished my psychology undergraduate work at the University of Lethbridge. After some life experience I realized that the world needs more compassionate mental health help and chose to go back for my Masters degree. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to train under Erinn to glean from her incredible amount of experience. I come from an equestrian and ranch background and look forward to meeting clients in this fantastic rural setting and online. 

I cannot wait to meet with you!



Zoe Andresen

Practicum Student Sept 6, 2021- April 17, 2022

Having grown up on an acreage in rural Alberta it is very exciting to begin this opportunity to develop my skills under the supervision of Erinn. I am eager to learn more about the use of the complementary methods offered to supplement my holistic approach.             

Helping others to navigate large emotions, difficult situations, developing relationships and improve their physical and mental health is something that I have naturally attended to throughout my life.  Being passionate about nutrition, fitness and coaching has put me on a path of diverse helping positions.  After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Alberta in 2009, I took some time to explore the world and meet people from all cultures and walks of life. 

 I have a special interest in working with grief and bereavement, stress, anxiety, improving relationships with others and our selves, and working with mothers during the prenatal and post partum period. I view my approach as a more holistic method placing high value on using a person-centered approach but also recognizing the importance of integrating other modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion focused therapy, and pulling tools from any methods that could enhance the experience both during and between sessions.   

I look forward to connecting with you in the coming months.  


Student Studying Outside

practicum student opportunities

Erinn provides practicum student supervision for students enrolled in a Masters-level (post-graduate) degree program, as a way to give back to the profession and work with students to find success in counselling therapy practice in a safe and structured environment.

Erinn will typically take 1-2 practicum students per year. If you are enrolled in a graduate level counselling psychology program and are looking for a practicum supervisor and feel that an experience at CCS aligns with your goals for practicum supervision, please don't hesitate to access the application form and follow the submission instructions on the form.

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