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Practicum Student Opportunities

Erinn has supervised 4x Masters-level practicum students since 2020, onsite at Country Counselling Services. Her first student Karlana has remained onsite as an Associate Therapist at CCS bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to the team!

Currently, Erinn is only able to accommodate off-site practicum students. If you are looking for a practicum placement, please be aware that off-site means you are working at a location that offers you space and clients for counselling throughout your practicum, and Erinn provides supervision to you externally for those clients you are seeing. 

At this time, Erinn is not offering on-site practicum opportunities at Country Counselling Services through her clients or office. Should you be looking for an off-site supervisor and have clients of your own, please feel free to inquire at to see if Erinn is a good fit for your supervision.

Please note that Erinn is a pre-approved supervisor of practicum students for Yorkville University's Master of Counselling Psychology program.

Best of luck students as you work towards completing your programs!


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