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Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

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Food as Medicine

Far too often, food and other supplemental therapies are overlooked in regards to assisting mental wellness.  For example, Serotonin (5-HT) is sometimes referred to as the "happy chemical" because of its contribution to wellbeing and happiness. Many antidepressants you will first be prescribed are seratonergic in nature (SSRI). 

In our bodies, however, 90% of the available serotonin is located in our stomach, 8% in our blood, and only 2% in our brain, which is why eating for mental wellness is also important!

Learn how to eat in a way that research has proven will impact your depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and more!

Exercise is so important for our physiological health BUT ALSO for our psychological health!

Many studies have looked at the impact of exercise to the improvement of mood in depressed patients and seen substantial positive benefits. Likewise, many psychological therapies have incorporated the movement of the body to healing of trauma and the reduction of anxiety and stress-induced symptoms.


Regardless of reason, exercise incorporated into mental health treatment recommendations is important!

Exercise for Mental Wellness
Young Man doing Physical Exercise
Sleep Hygiene for Mental Wellness
Woman Sleeping

A thorough assessment of your sleeping patterns and challenges are also very important to overall mental health. If you are feeling unwell psychologically it is anticipated you will also have issues with sleep. Getting your sleep on track is as important as your psychological treatment. Sleep assistance will involve a comprehensive sleep assessment during your appointment, psychoeducation on sleep hygiene, suggestions for changes to retrain and improve sleep, which may also include a visit to your family physician or the use of specific tea's, melatonin, and/or aromatherapy.

Supplements, Aromatherapy, Somatic Treatments

Your consult will include recommentations for referrals to additional adjunct providers such as acupunturists, herbal medicine specialists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, specialists, aromatherapists, massage therapists and physical therapists depending upon your goals and which providers need to be involved in achieving those goals!

Reiki Treatment
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